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Other Writings

The Containment Bureau (2021)  

The Containment Bureau has housed paranormal objects for hundreds of years. A facility buried beneath the mountains, the Bureau has studied and maintained Relics with great efficiency. But when Deacon receives a late-night phone call from his sister that the Bureau has been breached, he knows he has to investigate.
Now, the Relics are out of containment—some are eccentric, most are dangerous. Deacon must navigate a labyrinthine facility, dodging murderous Relics, hoping that he can find his sister, and understand what happened in The Containment Bureau.


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The Devil's Footprints (2020)

Inspired by true events:

In the early hours following a great snowfall, locals woke to find large, cloven hoofprints marching north. The trail ran across the countryside, for almost one-hundred miles, the mysterious beast trudging through fields, forests, and even across rooftops.

Now, an aging explorer longs for one last adventure, and fighting the elements and his ailing body, he sets out to find whatever is at the end of the Devil’s Footprints . . .


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The Common Faith (2019)

The world has been dead for seven centuries. Now, a race of aliens known as the Architects have managed to bring back one man. In their studies to understand the universe's knowledge, they cannot comprehend one thing: faith. By studying a human, can they possibly understand the human condition?

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Claire (2016)

Claire was never an ordinary girl. Living mostly in an orphanage, she struggles to understand life on the outside. When an uncontrollable power breaks the monotony of her life, Claire must fight to escape public scrutiny because each time it surfaces, she makes a bigger and bigger impact. With the power comes the need to control it . . . before it controls her.

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