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Hubert L. Mullins


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ARC Reader

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Thank you for your interest in my ARC! My new story is called Empty Skies. It is a thriller/horror with sci-fi elements. ARCs will probably go out late summer. This is a hefty book! The final will be 99,000 words. If you're interested in reading, send me a message! Synopsis and general info is listed below:

“It was every shade of purple you could imagine.

I think we were seeing the Eye of God.”

When a strange phenomenon enters Earth’s orbit, anyone who sees it becomes hopelessly mesmerized. Cars zoom out of control, planes fall from the sky. Society’s resources are stretched thin to contain the fallout.

This is only the first day.

A nurse, a death row inmate, and an orphan converge in Pittsburgh as they try to understand the Eye of God. As society begins to crumble around them, they unite to travel across the country to safety—facing a world that grows more dangerous by the day.

But the Eye is changing those affected—transforming them into something more sinister . . .


Title: Empty Skies

Release: Winter 2023

Genre: Sci-fi Thriller/Horror

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