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Freshwater Fire(1).png

1900, Eilean Mòr: A trio of Lighthouse Keepers go missing . . .

When Joseph Moore arrives as a relief keeper, he’s troubled that the light isn’t burning, that the keepers didn’t meet him at the landing. After going ashore, he finds many troubling things . . . Not only is the lighthouse deserted, but the doors are shut and locked, cold weather jackets have been left behind, and all the clocks have stopped. Moore, along with three seamen, stay to keep the light burning.

But they aren’t alone on the island . . .

Something else calls this Scottish Isle home, something that refuses to share. Moore and the others realize it may be a fight to keep the light on, and a fight for survival . . .

Mullins returns to paranoia horror in a new tale of the supernatural, grounded in true events.

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