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Ghost Train

Bl0od & Salt (2022)  

April 10th, 1912: Titanic sails with a secret in her cargo hold . . .

When a pair of would-be robbers open a mysterious crate, they unleash an evil that’s been asleep for centuries. Once the maiden voyage is underway, passengers go missing, some turn up dead, and some bear an odd affliction, one that makes them crave blood and shun the light . . .

Assistant Surgeon Benjamin York makes a startling discovery about his patients that could be disastrous for everyone onboard. But Titanic is lauded as the pinnacle of luxury and class, so Benjamin is met with contempt when he suggests the passengers be warned they aren’t safe.

In the darkest corners of the ship, a coterie of monsters grows more powerful. The ocean liner’s only hope is reaching the safety of America, but can the passengers hope to survive that long? With Titanic in the throes of its late-night disaster—bent and broken, lifeblood seeping into the Atlantic—Doctor York realizes the icy water won’t be the only danger . . .


Under Bethel (2021)  

In the Highlands of Scotland lies the Hole, a famed passageway under the town of Bethel where hundreds have vanished. After years of ignored recovery wishes, the Hole’s ownership has passed to Elisabeth Wingate.

A former child star and British fashion mogul, Elisabeth wants to redeem her scandalous, reckless life. She agrees to finance an expedition to retrieve the legion of bodies that have accumulated over the years, but there’s only one catch: She wants to venture alongside the caving team.

But they’re not alone down there . . .

Everything goes wrong in the darkness. Elisabeth is split from her group, navigating a labyrinth of caves and inexplicable rooms of carved stone. With limited supplies and a failing light, she must reunite with her group. And somehow escape the creatures in the dark before they claim another victim Under Bethel . . .

Mullins returns to dreadful horror in this tense, creepy, and atmospheric tale of the shadowy things that linger in the deepest chasms of the world . . .

Under Bethel 3.png

Breath of Mars (2021)  

A Novella 

Felix Boyd would do anything for his family, even if it means leaving them for a job on another planet . . .

Working as a silica harvester, he earns just enough money to keep his wife and son afloat. When selection for the colony ships begins, he hopes Melissa and Jake will be among the first to come, and that they’ll all be reunited.

But it’s never that easy.

Jake’s lifelong illness leaves him needing new lungs, and he’s ineligible for the trip. Now, they’re on a tight schedule as Earth is thrown into the grip of a deadly virus. They must overcome the surgery and recovery because if they aren’t ready by launch, they’ll miss their chance forever.

Felix struggles with finances, with separation, with overcoming sacrifices. He hopes that soon he’ll have the money for his little boy’s surgery.

And that Jake and Melissa will join him before all contact with Earth is lost . . .

Breath of Mars(1)[7767].png

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A Menagerie of Suffering (2020)

In the heart of German-occupied Paris lies Chemin de vie, an all-girls asylum with a terrible past. It is the playground of Hector Barousse, a World War I era field medic whose fascination with pain is questionable. His methods of therapy bring the girls to such fear that they see visions of the past, but Camille Sabot isn’t like the rest.

Her visions show an ominous figure linking all the girls together—and Camille will learn that something has brought each of them to Chemin de vie—that the very walls hold secrets, and that each girl is simply a cog in a dark, diabolical machine. . .

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Ghost Train of Treblinka (2019)

A Novel

In the winter of 1943, a train from Warsaw bound for the Treblinka death camp went missing. Now, in modern day Poland, the train still haunts the countryside, luring people to leave their homes and step aboard. A group of American travelers with a penchant for ghost hunting decide to look into the disappearances, only to discover a plot that could change the world, and that the Ghost Train's origins reach much further back than the holocaust . . .


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Empty Skies (2023)

“It was every shade of purple you could imagine. I think we were seeing the Eye of God.”

A strange phenomenon enters Earth’s orbit . . .

Those who see it become mesmerized. Cars surge out of control, planes fall from the sky. Casualties pile up and society’s resources are stretched thin to manage the fallout.

This is only the first day.

A nurse, a death row inmate, and an orphan cross paths as they try to understand the Eye of God. They realize the Eye’s grip on humanity is just a fleeting stage, and those affected are transforming into something more sinister . . .

2023-1065 Hubert L  Mullins, Empty Skies.jpg

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The Last Library (2018)

A Novella 

After a virus wipes out all life on the planet, Ryan Steward believes he's all that's left. Now, a race of scavengers descends on Earth, ready to consume the remaining resources. Ryan, tasked with preserving humanity's written word, must travel the country in hopes of saving books from their destruction. In his hideaway, beneath West Virginia's secretive Greenbrier, he builds humanity's last library, and hopes that he can protect it from time, and from invaders . . .

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The Hearth (2017)

“Is this Armageddon?” he asked. “The End of Days?”
“No,” the angel replied. “This is . . . something else.”

Angels are falling from the skies. Castles are rising from the ground. Earth has become a merging point of Heaven and Hell.

Humans will watch as cities crumble, governments falter, and societies limp along in the final throes of civilization. angels and demons come together in an all-out war for domination, for the link between Heaven and Hell, for . . .

The Hearth

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Better Left Buried (2014)

A Novella 

In the Golden Age of Piracy,
she was the terror of the Caribbean . . .

Known only as the Red Butcheress, she stalked British ships like a shadow across the waves until one daring man o’ war managed to sink her. With her reign ended, her ship battered and beaten, she became legend, and just as quickly lost from memory.

Now, with the help of an ancient journal, a science team of students from the University of Tampa has found her wreck. When they begin to probe the ruins for answers, they make a startling discovery.


As the tension builds between shipmates, one woman will find that there is more to the wreck than rotten boards and corroded metal. A secret has been buried alongside the Red Butcheress—one that may spell disaster.

And one that may not let the crew just sail away . . .

Better Left Buried.jpg

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Pieces (2018)

A Novella 

From Hubert L. Mullins, author of the 'Covenant' trilogy and Better Left Buried, comes a new entry into the dark fantasy genre. Pieces tells the story of a young physician who comes to a remote part of Northern Europe to aid an ailing inventor. When things go awry, it’s a battle for survival in this historical, steampunk shaped world.

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