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Fallen socialite Elisabeth Wingate only wanted to make up for her life’s debauchery. But making things right for a few families made things bad for everyone else. Thanks to her exploits under Bethel, the world’s spiders have disappeared and the food chain is collapsing.

Elisabeth, driven by guilt, will do anything to fix it . . .

Her quest for redemption leads her on a perilous journey across the globe, searching for a legendary monster—one whose curse comes with a side effect that may restore the food chain.

Joined by her fellow Bethel survivors, she’s led to Snake Island, infamously home to thousands of the world’s most deadly vipers. But the ancient evil that lives there is not what she expects . . .

Elisabeth survived under Bethel, but will she survive Under Snake Island?

Under Snake Island (Paperback, Signed Copy)

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  • * Paperback

    * Horror/Adventure

    * 391 pages

    * Dimensions: 6 x 9

    * Weight: 1.46 lbs.

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