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“It was every shade of purple you could imagine. I think we were seeing the Eye of God.”

A strange phenomenon enters Earth’s orbit . . .

Those who see it become mesmerized. Cars surge out of control, planes fall from the sky. Casualties pile up and society’s resources are stretched thin to manage the fallout.

This is only the first day.

A nurse, a death row inmate, and an orphan cross paths as they try to understand the Eye of God. They realize the Eye’s grip on humanity is just a fleeting stage, and those affected are transforming into something more sinister . . .

Empty Skies (paperback, signed)

SKU: ESpaperback
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  • * Paperback

    * Horror

    * 601 pages

    * Dimensions: 6 x 9

    * Weight: 2.19 lbs.

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