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April 10th, 1912: Titanic sails with a dark secret in her cargo hold . . .

An ancient evil has been unleashed on the Ship of Dreams. One night into Titanic’s maiden voyage and passengers go missing, turn up dead, or bear a craving for blood and an aversion to the sun . . .

Assistant Surgeon Benjamin York only wants to help his patients, and perhaps explain this odd affliction.

Third-class passenger Fiona Lynch just wants to make it to America with her son.

Together they will unravel what’s brewing in the darkest corners of the ship. The ocean liner’s only refuge is reaching the safety of America. But with Titanic in the throes of its late-night disaster, they realize the icy water won’t be the only danger . . .

Blood & Salt (Signed Copy)

SKU: B&Spaperback(signed)
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  • * Paperback

    * Horror

    * 473 pages

    * Dimensions: 6 x 9

    * Weight: 1.75 lbs.

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