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Hubert L. Mullins



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April 10th, 1912: Titanic sails with a secret in her cargo hold . . .

When a pair of would-be robbers open a mysterious crate, they unleash an evil that’s been asleep for centuries. Once the maiden voyage is underway, passengers go missing, some turn up dead, and some bear an odd affliction, one that makes them crave blood and shun the light . . .

Assistant Surgeon Benjamin York makes a startling discovery about his patients that could be disastrous for everyone onboard. But Titanic is lauded as the pinnacle of luxury and class, so Benjamin is met with contempt when he suggests the passengers be warned they aren’t safe.

In the darkest corners of the ship, a coterie of monsters grows more powerful. The ocean liner’s only hope is reaching the safety of America, but can the passengers hope to survive that long? With Titanic in the throes of its late-night disaster—bent and broken, lifeblood seeping into the Atlantic—Doctor York realizes the icy water won’t be the only danger . . .


I read this story of the last man on Earth in a single sitting. Any book lover will appreciate the story!"

--Goodreads Review of The Last Library

Praise & Reviews

This man is a magician of words. He can take you from the depths of the human mind in psychological thrillers to the surface of Mars with such a humanitarian story it will make you weep."

--Amazon Review of Breath of Mars.

This isn't the kind of book I normally read but I'm so glad I gave it a chance. I was enthralled with each page and couldn't put it down. The way the author combined supernatural elements with history made for a very interesting read. I highly recommend it."

--Amazon Review of Ghost Train of Treblinka.

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About Hubert L. Mullins

Hello! I'm a writer from southern West Virginia. I started out writing dark-fantasy vampire novels but I've evolved into thrillers, horror, adventure and family drama. Feel free to have a look around!

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